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How to Tap Into Your Basick Elemental Magick

Before we start... YOU ARE THE MAGICK!! YOU are life force energy! YOU are the embodiment of Source! IT ALL STARTS WITHIN YOU!!! 🧡 The easiest way to tap into your Magick is with the element of your sign or the predominant Element of your chart.

Fire is my dominant Element, so I practice Fire and Candle Magick.

When doing fire and candle magick, I look into the flame and find that same energy within myself! I pray into the fire, burn intentions, or envision soul ties or connections that no longer vibrate in my life burning in the fire. I watch the flame dance so brilliantly or be steady and robust. There are interpretations about what the different flames can mean. It is YOUR practice, and YOU get to determine how you want to interoretate that energy!

The energy usually draws from my root chakra. You should tap into your life-force/creation/sexual energy with any practices mentioned to fuel your intention!

Water Elements would be Water Magick. Whether that be gazing/praying into a bowl of water or focusing on the images your subconscious creates on the reflection of the water. You could also go to bodies of water and meditate and pray. It could also be as simple as a bath and shower while praying, releasing, and expressing your soul! It is crucial to take spiritual baths! They are for EVERYONE and are necessary to cleanse yourself spiritually.

Air Elements would be Air, Light, or Mental Magic. Air is very free energy! So an easy practice would be incense magick! Working with the smoke of the incense. Finding shapes or images in it. Mainly it's about feeling yourself to be as light as a feather floating on the winds of Spirit. There is a misconception that Air signs are ungrounded. However, I think it is about your recognition of the Soul and knowing there's more than just this physical reality!

Earth Elements would be Earth Magick. You could work with dirt or salt, burying your intentions, requests, and prayers into the Earth. It can also be by incorporating the corresponding herbs, plants, and animals to amplify your practices! You could also stick your feet into the dirt and envision yourself as a tree! This is a good grounding practice for everyone!

When I do this, I recite, "If I AM a tree, then please grow me" I see myself being rooted into the ground and stretching HIGH into the sky!

My second predominant Element is Earth. Sometimes, when I burn my candles, my dog will naturally gravitate towards me, and I genuinely feel him amplify my intention. If not anything else, he reassures me I'm not alone, and it's okay to go down the rabbit hole of the Self!

One caveat: do what you feel called to ALWAYS!! Regardless of your Element, allow your Soul to guide you! It may be good to get the opposite and reciprocal energy than your own and practice it occasionally to help balance you back out. The thing about life is that it's cyclical. All is in one, and one is in all! All is within you, all life and the creation of the heaven and the Earth is in YOU!

In the comments, let me know what works for you in your spiritual practice and the different rituals you have or created?

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sings of peace, health, wealth, and abundance unto you!

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