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So... What is a Black Beatnik?

I have been thinking about this since the summer of 2020 when the word ‘beatnik’ came to my brain in an AHA moment. Looking back I had no clue how much my life would change truly exemplify this phrase! However, I have always been a Beatnik...

When you look up this word the definition you get is, “(especially in the 1950s and 1960s) a young person who did not accept society‘s customs and principles and showed this by the way they dressed and behaved“- Cambridge Dictionary

”A person who participated in a social movement of the 1950s and early 1960s which stressed artistic self-expression and the rejection of the mores of conventional society“ - Merriam Webster Dictionary

I am a person that marches to my own beat! Regardless of popular opinion, I am anti-conformist to my core! Although this makes me an oddball amongst some people, however, I TRUST my gut! I know no matter what, I have to live with every decision for myself, by myself! I knew from the time I was a child, that I was meant for so much more than what this society told me I was capable of achieving! is the platform in which I have the full range to delve into who my Spirit was sent here to be.

We people of African descent have been negatively labeled and branded by this society, it is time we start to claim and name ourselves!

The word ‘beatnik’ was first coined by white college students who felt they were led by the beat.

We as African descendants are the TRUE ESSENCE of the BEAT! The beating of the drums runs in our blood and resounds with the beat of our heart! We are the true Beatniks!

For me, being a BLACK Beatnik goes so much further than that! It is the understanding that as a Melanated wombman this society seeks to oppress us on every level. Starting on the grounds of gender, ‘race’, socioeconomics, sexuality, and political/religious affiliations the list goes on and on and on...

With this said, I REJECT IT ALL! All those labels do not speak to me, not my physical Self Christie, but the infinite Soul that lives within!

I reject the limits of what being a wombman means I am capable of within this society. I reject the man-made concept of the race our oppressors have told us we are. [Even though they know our melanin is literal coding extending back to the first humans of this planet, and even further back reaching that of the Goddesses!] I reject the hurdles and limitations that come with being a part of a certain socioeconomic class. I reject all the political affiliations and religions, that are used to divide us as humans and further separate us from our Spirit! The list of labels and subgroups is as infinite and diverse as us humans! It is time to TRANSCEND past this and return to the Source from which it all started.

So, this is only beginning and there is so much Moor to delve into, explore, and most importantly CONQUER! It is time to take back our birthright of abundance and peace starting with the conscious choice from within!

With this said, welcome to the very beginning of my journey!! I feel so blessed and filled with so much gratitude for you to join me! If this resonates with you... Welcome to the family, welcome to the community, let’s ASCEND!



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