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Welcome To Your New Community!

The Black Beatnik is an open and accepting online forum and community space for individuals who are labeled as 'Other' by society.

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How to Join

Come find your soul family! Getting connected to your personal community is as easy as completing these five steps: 

  1. Create a profile 

  2. Join or create a group

  3. Write a post of something on your mind in a group feed, forum post, or a personal blog post!

  4. Read, comment, and interact with each others

  5. Create real community and acceptance

Let's get back to open, honest, and accepting conversation! Opinions are like knees! Everyone has one! 

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Our Beliefs

In a world that prefers people to be asleep and unconscious, The Black Beatnik wants to serve as a space for future generations to learn about all things spiritual, esoteric, metaphysic, conspiracy, and everything else in between! Yes, this can even an online blog or journal safe space to release the thoughts from your head!


Be Yourself

In this world of hypersensitivity and mass manipulation, we welcome you to take off the mask! Be FREE! Look for genuine connection and conversation!

Be Kind

To create a safe space for everyone to feel comfortable sharing. we have a no tolerance bullying or negativity policy. Be kind, we're all going through enough in this existence! lol

Seek Community

It is only through community that our human race has been able to survive since the beginning of this planet. Don't be a lone wolf, find your pack!

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